You can be putty much anything you want to be!

For the largest pert of our young lives we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. A question that constantly hounds us and when we answer with multiple possibilities, we are then told to narrow down and focus- "...but which one do you like the most?". What if I'd like to be twelve different things and I want to be good at them all and I like them all equally? What if it's possible to live such a fulfilled life that you get to experience multiple careers and adventures so that by the time you reach a ripe old age you have a library of experiences and memories? Or perhaps society and "The Man" just wants us to focus on one thing, have one career and direction in life and live with blinkers so that we may look forward to retiring and in essence wish our live away...

Now, I know there are people who have a passion and drive and are great at one thing. A singular idea or profession that they'd like to delve into and do that for the rest of their lives. And that's alright! There is nothing wrong if you are happy doing the same thing for the rest of your life and exploring all the facets of that one idea.

But then you get some people who love to do a variety of different things and want to explore multiple ideas and careers. Where do these kind of personalities fit in in a world that focuses on you have one sole purpose? That's kind of why I started this journey and this blog in the first place. I always felt like I had no direction in my life and perhaps was too distracted by irrelevant things. I shunned myself for always starting a project, diving fully into it and then moving onto something else. Something had to be wrong, right? Why couldn't I find my true calling? The one thing I was good at- why was it eluding me? No! Nothing was wrong! I just hadn't yet heard of multi-potentiality and when I stumbled upon a talk by Emilie Wapnick I found solace.

The dawn of the multi-potentialite! This is my awakening and my answer to MY lifelong question. No, I wasn't useless at everything I do- I was just good at many things! Now suddenly I am interested in more things and adventures than ever and I want to do it all and succeed at all! You can do many things and be good at all of them. Unlike multi-tasking, where your attention is divided amongst many tasks and therefore the rate of successfully completing that task is diminished, a multipotentialite (people who are good at many things, like me) delves into something and succeeds at it- whether they complete it or how far along the journey they go is up to them but there really is no pressure to make it a lifelong investment. That's the beauty of this new kind of adaptive behaviour.

I really hope that this blog and my adventure motivates other multipotentialites out there the way I was inspired when I first discovered that I am not dysfunctional or inept. So, just like the good ol' compound of whiting and linseed oil, of a dough-like consistency when fresh, used to secure windowpanes and to patch woodwork defects- I can be putty much anything I want to!

PS: You're putty perfect ;)