Women don't ask, but why should we have to?

* Not a rant. A protest. *

This makes me furious because I've asked - and I've been told I came across as aggressive. I remain steadfast and refuse to laugh it off with a little giggle just to put your ego at ease. 

Men receive more without even asking. Women receive much less and are scolded when asking for more.

Today, you can longer definitely state that men have to earn more because they are the breadwinners. So women just work for fun the? To get a break from the kids? There are many independent women and single moms who have to make a living as much as their male counterparts and work even twice as hard to make it.

Why do we still have these antiquated glass ceilings when we live in an age of machine learning, alternate realities and robotics?

What will you tell your daughter when she cries to you that her male colleague earns twice her salary or is promoted above her when she is more capable/qualified/suited? Will you tell her that it's just business, you do the same to all women in your company and she should make peace with the fact that she will always remain 10 steps behind any man?

Women don't ask, but why should we have to?

PS: You're putty perfect ;)

#glassceiling #equalrights #equalpay #equalopportunities #modernoppression