Unlearning the comfort zone.

So I want to be real about this. Getting into a comfort zone is easier and perhaps more deceiving than we think. I mean there’s an extremely fine line between doing what you’ve been doing for years, crushing it and continuing to do that same thing day in, day out- and being in a comfort zone. Now you’re either saying, that sounds the same, or you’re saying those two things are WAAAY different. How you feel about that and how you answer it, will tell you if you yourself are in that comfort zone.

When you find yourself doing something with such ease that it doesn’t scare you- that in fact, not doing it and taking on something else scares you, then you’re way too comfortable and sometimes being jolted out of your comfort zone can be daunting but you’ll always find that when you step out of that bubble and into the unknown, you learn so much more. You know, the more you learn, the more you realise how little you actually know. And stepping out doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of sorts, it can be little things like reading a genre of book that you think you’d never be able to read or, corny as it may sound, going to lunch, dinner or a movie alone or even calling someone instead of texting them. All these little daily attempts will soon add up and build up the confidence for you to carry it over into your professional life.

Whilst working for “the man”, I always sought ways to keep my mind and life in a state of adventure and challenge. I always found ways of constructively and creatively adding to the layers of my being. Whether it was personally or in my career, my aim was always to keep myself thinking outside the box, learning new things and never afraid of living in the space outside my comfort zone. When I failed to do it in my career, I did it by exploring the artist in me and when I failed at doing it personally, I always pushed my job to new heights in attempts to be the best in the industry. Having my own business, I am constantly out of my comfort zone and I quite like it there. I take on clients and jobs that I think I’ll never be able to satisfy, but one’s mentality is such an important thing because step by step I find myself growing and where I am and where I was even 6 months ago is two very different places. A better, higher place of learning and growing- outside the safety net of comfort.

A comfort zone is a place where you are safe from failure but yet failure can be one of our greatest allies in business and life.

If you make failure your greatest teacher instead of your greatest fear, you will see how your perception of your experiences starts to change. That in itself will lead to a more positive attitude in life, business and even personal relationships. So do things that make you feel uncomfortable, change the way you view the experience because comfort is taught to be embraced and discomfort can be too.


Sending you love & light, Sash from Putty Perfect!