Suddenly on the fence about influencer marketing? Here's why it still holds massive potential!

In today's digital climate, the aim is all about generating engagement with your brand rather that just placing it out there and hoping the audience somehow engages with it on some level or another. It's all about influencing your customer in a subtle and indirect way and establishing a relationship between your brand and your customer and forging that brand loyalty into an almost unbreakable bond. This is where you invoke said influencers and their "power".

Influencers have not only an audience but also a following. They have a database of fans, also known as a fanbase, of people who willingly and avidly follow their daily doings.

Making use of this kind of blind loyalty and fandom is perhaps the easiest way for you to establish your brand awareness with a most receptive audience.

Placing your brand in the hands of the influencer and allowing them to shape it in their tone of voice that is suitable to their audience will show better rates of engagement than simply putting out advertisements or billboards that essentially shout "buy me" or "spend more money"! Creating a bond of trust and fellowship is most important in a digital world where the consumer is more conscious than ever and looking for real relationships rather than just consuming what they're fed.

With this said, some of the biggest social media platforms are making significant changes to their sites to better incorporate influencer marketing into the mainstream marketing and advertising world. But it’s not just the influencers themselves that need to be considered as influencer effectiveness is also relative to each platform.

As explained by Twitter: “For marketers today, it’s not “if” you should be partnering with creators but more so “why and how” to partner with them. What’s even more important for brands to understand is that there is a unique why and how for every platform - especially for Twitter.”

Facebook has also launched it's Brand Collabs Manager <