Stop wasting time on making your blog look pretty & just publish already!

Now I'm sure you must be saying "but it has to be perfect!" and I'm here to tell you it doesn't. As a designer and social media manager by profession, I struggled to bring my blog to life- focusing on the branding and the consistent image rather than the core content which is ultimately in the form of text and you can't really design text on a blog now can you?

Starting my blog has been a really testing journey and if nothing else, it has taught me patience. Working on something that in essence will never be a completed product has taught me to be patient with the process, to be patient with the uptake and building of engagement and to be patient most of all with myself. I found myself fiddling with the smallest things like which menu bar to use, when in reality, most people who visit the blog are interested in the content rather than the aesthetic appeal of the menu bar. I am sure that many bloggers starting out have the same problem and get caught up in all the rather trivial, superficial aspects of the blog rather than bedding down some good, solid content that will keep your audience returning and yearning for more.

I came to this realisation the hard way, but at least I got there- eventually! I then made the choice that on one particular day I would just sit down and focus on the look of the blog. I decided where I felt each button, image and call out needed to go, depending on how I felt that day and the most important thing- that I wouldn't change anything the next day. So here comes lesson number four in patience! Give your blog some time before changing the way it looks. Give it some time to breathe and to form and grow itself.

You may find that, with the help of analytics tools, people like clicking on certain things more than others, or that people navigate your pages differently to how you envisioned. You see, the key to blogging is good content and patience, not design skills (as I pack away my three year degree).