Mustard seeds to help you build your social media and digital campaigns

When working in the digital world it is easy to become so absorbed into the everyday management of all your platforms that even just keeping up with the admin of it all can become a little bit daunting. So it's understandable when you have to come up with a campaign or have already had a great idea for a campaign but are struggling to validate it or define the core purpose of the whole campaign.

Here is a list of some themes (for lack of a better word), some mustard seeds to help you define that foundation of your campaign so that you are able to establish a true North and have some direction throughout.

Something that you can always go back to and say "this is actually why we are running this campaign and doing what we are doing" or "we are veering slightly off course and we need to go back to basics".

Use the below list to build a wide variety of online campaign and each "reason" returns different data that can be used to your advantage for future engagement with your audience.