Kids coding programs and initiatives because tomorrow is tech!

I really want to explore more coverage on coding for kids because it is becoming a vital skill to have in the ever exponentially-expanding digital world. Technology has become a significant integration into our everyday lives and the traditional take on toys is giving way to a more technologically advanced approach. Children are engaging with and learning technology systems on a conscious and subconscious level. Coding, developing or programming are very important to teach to these young minds because the jobs and careers of the future involve computer systems and being able to communicate with them.

Below I've compiled a list of coding programs and initiatives in South Africa for children, that you can either sign your kid up to or sign yourself up as a volunteer or ambassador.

  • Kids Who Code is a non-profit who's aim is to empower children from both affluent and underprivileged communities in South Africa to increase their skill-set by teaching them how to Code using various programming languages. They teach Minecraft, Java Script, HTML & CSS, PHP, Python, Scratch and Photoshop.

  • Hour Of Code: Are you living in SA and between 14-24 years old? In only 60 minutes get a certificate and learn how to code.

  • KidsPro is South Africa’s premiere Computer Programming Centre aimed at kids aged 8 to 15. They teach novice children programming concepts in a fun and understandable manner, while older and more advanced kids are exposed to real programming languages such as Python and Javascript.

  • VJ Robotics was founded by a team of educational experts who specialize in the fields of science and engineering. We take advanced programming and robotics used in industry and simplify it to bite-sized lessons that can be enjoyed by learners of all ages in the form of fully integrated robotics classes. So join the coding revolution!