Entrepreneurship is an everyday decision.

When I started my #JourneyToEntrepreneurship, I had thought about it for quite a while before I made the big leap, and before that, I always had it in the back of my mind somewhere that I’d want to own something of my own one day and answer to no-one by myself every day. So, here I am, four months in and making the conscious decision every day to wake up, get up and show up!

The #JourneyToEntrepreneurship is a long one that requires patience, dedication and the desire to do it every day. It is not a job with time or place constraints. I call it a journey because it is a never-ending path that you travel along. It is an experience with no defined destination. When you make the leap and decide to work for yourself, you are accountable to no-one but yourself. This is tougher than it sounds and sometimes pleasant at all when you have to be real about what you want, what you’ve accomplished or achieved and where you want to go or are headed toward.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a continuous cycle of waking each morning and deciding to do even just one thing that will keep you or get you on your #JourneyToEntrepreneurship. It is deciding what to do with your time, money, energy and brainpower that will keep you or get you on your #JourneyToEntrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a conscious decision every day and each choice will set you either one step toward your goal or one step further from it. Think about each action you take, each task you do, each opportunity you seize- actively think about each thing and you’ll soon understand that everything impacts your #JourneyToEntrepreneurship.


Sending you love & light, Sash from Putty Perfect!