Employees are humans too...

& it's time for companies step up & acknowledge the fact.

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I feel like the "job" process is still very much a one-way street where the employee puts in 100% all round and the company merely contributes a salary each month. You apply for a job. The company expects the employee to have the qualifications, personality, ambition and to always "go the extra mile". In exchange, in most cases, all they give the employee is a monthly salary and in most cases it's not even enough.

You work, and we pay. It's not like you're doing it for free.

In the interview, the job-seeker is expected to be wonderful but no pressure is placed on the company to impress too. In the job, the employee is expected to always go above and beyond in performance, but no pressure is placed on the company either.

Companies, mostly corporates, forget that they are dealing with humans, not robots. Humans who have lives outside the office- and life happens all the time!  No-one can schedule being sick for either before 8am or after 5pm.

Many reports are being released where it is being made clear that times are changing and people are seeking more than just a salary and are happy to leave a company for one with a better culture. Simple things to take into consideration and acknowledge that your employees are human can make all the difference:

  • Speak about implementing flexi-hours. People perform differently at different hours of the day. If all companies introduce this, it could also ease the congestion of traffic at peak hours, cutting the time people spend travelling to work and also creating happier moods when employees arrive at work. It also allows people to get more done in their personal lives which can result in more peace of mind for your employee which will result in better performance at work.

  • Have regular talks about salaries. Your employee gives their company a minimum of a third of their day- this generally excludes travel, for the sole purpose of getting to and from their job. They give the company the best hours of their day. Life happens. The cost of living increases. Your employee may want to increase their quality of life too. Once again, these are not robots, but humans with lives, feelings, ambitions, families and souls. Perhaps they want to purchase a home or travel because they've never been out of their neighbourhood, start a family or start a hobby. All this requires some sort of monetary input which can only come from the one place where they spend 8 - 12 hours of their day. Your employees spend all their time trying to make the company a success, sometimes it wouldn't hurt to give back. Charity starts at home.

  • Genuinely worry about your employees. People are humans too! Everyone deals with emotional issues from time to time or all the time. Invest in your employee's wellbeing and state of mind. If they need a "duvet day" where they just need a break from everything, allow it. The company won't fall to pieces, but the human might. Take genuine interest when an employee seems down or is behaving unusually. Try to find a solution that best suits them; if it's monetary- make an offer, if it's emotional- try to find assistance, if it's office space- try to find a solution that can accommodate all parties.

  • Make the experience enjoyable for your employee. Most of the time, managerial staff have more flexibility in their day and can often "pop out for coffee" or "go for a quick lunch" or "work from home for the day" or "pick up the kids" and even "quickly do my grocery shopping". These may seem like minor or insignificant tasks, but small things like these can make the world of difference to an employee who spends 8-12 hours in a cubicle or in front of a computer or in a factory. Maybe have special days each month or week where you acknowledge or thank your employees by having treats or games for a short time. Perhaps create a "chill" room, where people can take 5-minute breaks and play games or listen to music and socialise. Try to have meeting outside the office or boardrooms- coffee shops are great for this! Humans are social animals and they need interaction with other humans away from the mundane. Short breaks do wonders for mental health.

Your aim as a company should not only be to get employees to run your business, but to keep them. Keep them for a while and keep them happy. Your investment should not only be in your company and sales and stocks, but in your employees who keep the gears running. If the company had no business, it could always pivot and find business somewhere else but if the company had no employees and no-one wanted to work for the company- you wouldn't have anything.

Start small and progress from their and you'll soon find that your employees enjoy coming to work, want to put in more effort and time, appreciate you more and want to stay longer. It's a two-way street after all.

PS: You're putty perfect ;)

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