Ten things you need to stop doing in order to be more productive & happy

I always strive to be as productive as possible in al that I do, but sometimes I just get caught up in all the fuss that is the world and life.

Sometime we need direction that will guide us to a better and healthier lifestyle and daily attitude.

I've compiled a list that has helped me in many ways even if it's just remembering my boundaries or my reasons and I hope it can act as your guide to a more prosperous life too!

  • Comparing yourself to others - this can be unproductive and can be more destructive than constructive.

  • Trying to please everybody - we are all different and people tend to have different opinion. Trying to please everybody can be time consuming and often turns out to be a fruitless task. Trust your own opinion as that's the most important.

  • Fear of failure - this hinders you in all that you do and are capable of doing. Failure should be an encouragement to try again and not a reason to fear the future.

  • Repeating the same mistakes - although I just said that you shouldn't fear failing, you should also learn from your mistakes otherwise you won't make any progression.

  • Waiting for inspiration - you can't magically gain inspiration from anywhere. The more you work and take action, the more you'll find inspiration and sometimes in the most unusual places.

  • Worrying about what other people say - focus on what's good for you, what you want and where your journey is taking you, we're all on different paths.

  • Doing everything by yourself - work smart not hard. Try to delegate, collaborate and accept help otherwise you will become stressed, tense and fatigued.

  • Lack of priorities - because failing to plan is planning to fail. Prioritise your most important tasks so that you spend your most valuable time doing the most valuable things for best results.

  • Perfectionism - instead of trying to perfect everything before you put it out to the world, just do it. You'll find that most times people will respond more positively to an imperfect product and feedback can often help you perfect it in a better way.

  • Not living your life - find happiness in all that you do, just try it! Listen to your heart, follow your own path and learn to say no to anything that doesn't fit healthily into your picture.

PS: You're putty perfect ;)

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